Values and Sustainability

Since 2015, Candy People's head office in Malmö has been entirely run on renewable energy. With the help of solar cells, we can be proud to have a climate-smart head office, warehouse and wholesale store where the entire daily business is run with the help of solar power. Solar energy has many benefits, it is not only good for our climate on a global scale, but solar energy has very little impact on the local environment and does not emit any carbon dioxide or other pollutants. We believe that solar energy is an important piece of the puzzle in future energy production. We have the ambition is, not only follow current regulations regarding sustainability work, but to be at the forefront regarding green technology. This applies to everything from packaging materials to logistics and energy supply. We believe in a green future.


During Candy People, we currently have about 120 different loose weight varieties in our own range. Of these, 90% are gelatin free. Instead of gelatin, corn starch pectin) or wheat starch is used, which we think is a better alternative, not only for the environment but also so that our candy is available to everyone. We also use only natural dyes from fruit and vegetables as well as real sugar and have neither GMO nor trans fats in any of our products. Candy People is constantly working on product development and inclusion. That is why we always strive to make sweets available to everyone and this work obviously includes the development of our vegan candy range.


Yes, unfortunately some of our products contain palm oil. This is because we have not found a suitable substitute to get a corresponding quality of the candy. Palm oil has certain properties that you can not really get from other ingredients without the prices pushing up, so therefore this remains. The palm oil used is XX-marked, which means that it comes from responsibly cultivated forest, but we still work hard and constantly to remove as much palm oil from our products as possible.

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