Sugar-Free Sweetener

What sweetener do we use?

Our goal for the sugar-free line was to create a product that is low calorie and safer for diabetics, without compromising on taste.  After much research, we decided to use a sugar alcohol (which can be found naturally in some fruits and berries) over an artificial sweetener.  Maltitol is the one we ultimately chose; it is a sugar alcohol that is very similar to sugar but has fewer calories and does not raise blood sugar levels like sugar does, yet still has a sweet taste.  Sugar alcohols also do not contribute to tooth decay.  Many of the positive aspects of Maltitol (and other sugar alcohols) occur because they are not fully absorbed in the small intestine, but this can lead to side effects, such as diarrhea, cramping, bloating, or intestinal gas.  Maltitol and all sugar alcohols should be consumed in moderation for this reason.  You can find more information about Maltitol and sugar alcohols in general online.  Here are a few places to start. 

 Food Insight:

Yale New Haven Health:

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