Shipping Information

Please Note: Candy People is not responsible for melting or other damage caused by heat exposure during shipping.

Protect Your Order from the Heat

If it's hot out and your order contains marshmallows or gelatin-based gummies, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of receiving candy soup! Please choose one of two options below to improve the chances your order arrives in great shape.

Option I: Select a Warm Weather Shipping Option

Select our Warm Weather Shipping option at checkout.

Shipping may be delayed to protect your sweets.
If necessary, your order will be held in our temperature-controlled warehouse to avoid additional transit time over the weekend. If you need a delivery by a specific date, please add a note at checkout or contact us so we can ensure your order arrives in time.

Be home for delivery!
Choose a delivery address where someone will be available to accept the package so it doesn't sit outside in the heat. Tip: If the box feels warm, open immediately to expose your sweets to cooler indoor air. If candy has softened at all, give it a chance to firm up again before handling further.

Option II: Risk it

Every order is different. It's possible your particular order will be just fine with standard shipping. So you should ask yourself, how important is it that your candy arrives in perfect condition? Do you need the candy to look pretty for a party or a gift? Or do you figure it's all just going to end up in your stomach anyway, so who cares? If you are less concerned about everything being perfect - or if you just want to save some $$ on shipping - you can always risk it!