In 1980, Mr. Joanis Yusuf opened his first candy store in the heart of Malmö, Sweden. Popularity spurred the expansion of several candy stores throughout Sweden during the eighties.

By 1994, Mr. Yusuf began manufacturing and supplying candy to various Swedish retail outlets.

The Pick & Mix confectionery industry rapidly expanded and become a staple in many Swedish retail stores.

By 1997, the demand had exceeded production capacity. Mr. Yusuf turned to his esteemed manufacturing colleagues to help meet the demand and began outsourcing the production of his coveted and patented Scandinavian recipes.

The shift in business practices led to the present-day company, Candy People. Candy People quickly became the market leader with unsurpassed quality at low prices.

By 2002, Candy People began supplying the popular Scandinavian treats to Northern Europe. The company expanded to the entire European market in 2005. In 2010, Candy People opened up offices in Asia, Australia and in the Middle East market.

Today, Candy People is forging its way into the North American market while still honoring its Swedish roots and history.

Candy People Sweden