Our History


Joanis Masudi Youssef buys a candy store in Malmö in South of Sweden and Candy People is founded. It then the second pick and mix store in all of Skåne. After a time as a small candy store, the company developed to also conduct wholesale operations and is therefore growing slowly but surely.


Twelve years after its start in Malmö, Candy Peoples flagship store Sweet opens on Bankgatan in Lund. This candy store that became a really popular and THE stop for candy lovers. Today, 28 years later, Sweet is still a big favorite, which over the years has also started franchise operations. 


Candy People HQ is now moving into Agneslundsvägen in Malmö. In a worn-out room without air conditioning, the wholesale business is started to grow. Now Joan's son Jacob, along with his friends, is also starting to help with the orders of sweets.


Joanis Masudi Youssef's son Jacob Youssef takes over the CEO role after his father and starts expanding business. During this time, Candy People is entering the global market and is investing more in exports to supply the world with high quality Swedish candy.

2007 - 2011

Candy People has expanded rapidly in exports and now opens offices in Shanghai, Perth, Dubai and Dallas. This is to facilitate exports and to gain better cultural knowledge to adapt the supply to the market. Today we position ourselves as one of the leading distributors of Swedish sweets as you find our sweets on five continents.


Candy People is growing. In 2012, Candy People moved their HQ to a new location in Malmo, where we conduct our wholesale business to this day. Here, the entire operation is powered by solar cells on the roof and all surplus energy goes directly to Malmö's electricity grid.

2014 - 2017

Candy People wins a number of different awards over the years, for example, we are named Entrepreneur of the Year in Malmö 2014, Entrepreneur of the Year in Skåne 2015 and Export Gasell of the Year 2017 of Dagens Industri. We are also expanding Candy People even more by inaugurating our Norway office in Trondheim and S-mark was awarded Product of the Year by the Press Office 2016.


With thirty-five years of experience in a constantly evolving industry, we understand the importance of being at the forefront. In 2019, Candy People AB launched its first product in the refreshment category, a chewing gum - ZINQ. Chewing gum of the future that not only masks bad breath but in depth actually counteracts it with the help of Zinc. It became an instant hit with over 1 million bags sold within the first 6 months.